Ultramarine - This Time Last Year

Ultramarine - This Time Last Year

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  • 7050636
  • Vinyl LP
  • Techno/House/Electronica
Die Ambient & Elektronika 90er Legende mit dem ersten Album seit 15 Jahren! This Time Last Year... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ultramarine - This Time Last Year"
Die Ambient & Elektronika 90er Legende mit dem ersten Album seit 15 Jahren!

This Time Last Year is the sixth album by UK electronic duo ULTRAMARINE (Ian Cooper & Paul Hammond), and their first full-length release for 15 years. Featuring all-new material and recorded in the band's isolated studio on the edge of the Essex marshes, the album ebbs and flows in mood like the nearby Blackwater estuary. Working with a palette of vintage drum machines, analogue synths, textural samples, acoustic recordings, electric bass & heavily treated guitar, the songs were born out of captured live studio performances. Cooper & Hammond then rewired their initial sketches through a series of hands-on, lo-fi effects chains, blurring the edges between acoustic & electronic elements. The result is an organic, playful feel, leaving the music room to breathe and carrying distinct echoes of the band's previous work.


Ultramarine are the London/Essex-based duo of Ian Cooper & Paul Hammond. Formed in 1989, the band's early records were released by the seminal Belgian label Les Disques du Crépuscule. Ultramarine released five albums during the 1990s including the highly-acclaimed ambient techno/house classic Every Man And Woman Is A Star (Rough Trade, 1992), United Kingdoms (Blanco Y Negro, 1993), featuring writing collaborations with Robert Wyatt, and Bel Air (Blanco Y Negro, 1995). After a prolific decade, including full American and European tours with Björk and Orbital, Ultramarine went on a long sabbatical following the release of their fifth album A User's Guide (New Electronica, 1998). After a 13-year absence they resurfaced with two new singles in late 2011 on Real Soon and WNCL Recordings, fully rested and ready for action.

A1 / 1 Technique A2 / 2 Find My Way A3 / 3 Dugout A4 / 4 Eye Contact A5 / 5 Decoy Point B1 / 6 Within Reach B2 / 7 Passwords B3 / 8 Sidetracked B4 / 9 Even Then B5 / 10 Imaginary Letters

Limitierung: Nein
Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Label: Real Soon
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