Kowalsky, Gregg - L'Orange L'Orange (MC)

Kowalsky, Gregg - L'Orange L'Orange (MC)

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  • MC
  • Techno/House/Electronica
(MC) Wunderbares Ambient-Album, mit alten Anaolog-Synths eingespielt und mit subtil pulsierender... mehr
Produktinformationen "Kowalsky, Gregg - L'Orange L'Orange (MC)"
(MC) Wunderbares Ambient-Album, mit alten Anaolog-Synths eingespielt und mit subtil pulsierender Rhythmik, viel Seele und ohne Drummachines editiert.

Gregg Kowalsky, formerly one half of Mexican Summer Date Palms, came to prominence with his Tape Chants album and live performance, a piece utilizing the manipulation of various tape machines throughout a space, released on Kranky and performed at 2015's Marfa Myths. With L'Orange L'Orange, Kowalsky has carved the droning meditations of Tape Chants into a gorgeous slice of ambiance, an album as engaging as it is calming, seven tracks crashing forward and rolling back into themselves, each expanding in it's own direction while keeping true to the work as a whole. L'Orange L'Orange is Gregg's most accomplished work to date, as accessible an ambient record able as one could hope for.

1. L'Ambience, L'Orange
2. Maliblue Dream Sequence
3. Tuned to Monochrome
4. Tonal Bath for Bubbles
5. Pattern Haze
6. Ritual Del Croix
7. Blind Contour Drawing for Piano

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Verpackung: DigiPak
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Format: MC
Label: Mexican Summer
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