Barratt - Saqqara

Barratt - Saqqara

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  • 5738350
  • Vinyl 12
  • Techno/House/Electronica
Chris Barrat (von Eagles & Butterflies) vermählt Disco und Funk und schaut sich das durch die... mehr
Produktinformationen "Barratt - Saqqara"
Chris Barrat (von Eagles & Butterflies) vermählt Disco und Funk und schaut sich das durch die psychedelische Linse an. Time Bending entstand mit DJ Tennis.

The Saqqara EP is a multilayered, sonic canvas from the mind of Chris Barratt, as he launches his new alias, Baratt, for Life and Death. Fine brushstrokes move from all areas of his musical hideout, spreading over five, varied, aural sculptures, each one warping and weaving on its own cosmic trajectory. Pooling from key aspects of his Eagles & Butterflies project, Barratt induces new musical shades, hinting at moments of disco and funk, through a lens of psychedelia. The title track is a late-night floor-filler - a bold yet uniquely personal necropolis built from riveting delays and arpeggiators. Time Bending sees DJ Tennis join in, stepping up with his trademark, rough around the edges production aesthetic, en route to unknown destinations. Barratt hones-in on a confident, stripped-down style on Khaos - rhythm versus melody -  just in time for festival season. 1983 soundtracks a ride to utopia on a rocket-fueled Vespa, leading to Collider, the land of un-quantised madness, where the most treasured of synthesisers live amongst their drum machine counterparts. Flowing yet incredibly interconnected, Saqqara is best interpreted as a mini artist album - the first of many Barratt offerings.


A1 Barratt - Saqqara A2 Barratt & DJ Tennis - Time Bending B1 Barratt - Khaos B2 Barratt - 1983 (Vinyl Edit)

Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Format: Vinyl 12
Label: Life And Death
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