H-Burns - Midlife (LP+CD)

H-Burns - Midlife (LP+CD)

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  • Vinyl LP
  • Rock
Following Night Moves’ and Kids We Own The Summer’ and its harmonious keyboards, H-Burns goes... mehr
Produktinformationen "H-Burns - Midlife (LP+CD)"
Following Night Moves’ and Kids We Own The Summer’ and its harmonious keyboards, H-Burns goes back to the quintessence of his music style: an impeccable songwriting praised internationally and an interpretation undeniably precise. To narrate in one album the only two stories worth being narrated - the one about a man living his home, and the one about a man coming back to his home - H-Burns (aka Renaud Brustlein) first matured his project isolated in a home-studio owned by French underground collective La Souterraine before bringing it to the studio with a team of musicians and engineers that he meticulously picked as usual : Earl Harvin from Thidersticks on the drums, Kate Stables from This Is The Kit as a vocal guest, Noah Georgeson (The Strokes, Andy Shauf, etc.) for the mixing, etc.

Understandably title Midlife’ this new album recorded on analog tapes tells the story of a man who looks back over the journey of his life, remembering his dreams of glory, the lost love stories, what he left behind from the others and from himself.


Side A
1. Tigress
2. Actress
3. Crazy Ones
4. Sister (feat. Kate Stables)
5. Tourists
6. Leaving
Side B
1. Midlife
2. Saturday
3. Pretty Mess
4. Black Dog
5. Dreamchaser
6. Friends

Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Rock
Label: Because Music
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