Gates, Braden - Pictures Of Us

Gates, Braden - Pictures Of Us

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Oh Edmonton, Kanada. Woher nimmst Du nur diese schier unerschöpfliche Anzahl hochtalentierter... mehr
Produktinformationen "Gates, Braden - Pictures Of Us"
Oh Edmonton, Kanada. Woher nimmst Du nur diese schier unerschöpfliche Anzahl hochtalentierter Singer/Songwriter? Braden Gates, Singer/Songwriter durch und durch präsentiert bereits sein viertes Album.

Braden Gates is writing hard hitting topical songs giving us a street view of our times and that are delivered with honesty and conviction. 'Pictures Of Us' is his fourth album ? his first release on Borealis Records. The album is produced, recorded and mixed by Harry Gregg and features Daniel Akira Stadnicki (drums, percussion), Keith Rempel (bass), Elliot Thomas (banjo, dobro),Rott'n Dan Shinnan (harmonica), David Aide (Hammond B3), Maddie Storvold (harmony vocals), Daniel Gervais (fiddle), Jaron Freeman-Fox (viola d'armour) and Braden Gates (vocals, guitar, fiddle).

Edmonton's own Braden Gates is a folk singer through and through, and in the best possible sense of the word. His songs are full of stories that flow through him easily, and with all the grace, empathy and nuance that masterful story telling requires. ? Edmonton Folk Music Festival

1. Best Of Me
2. Blue Sky With A Chance Of Rain
3. Pictures Of Us
4. Casting Fly
5. Mama, I ve Tried
6. Takes One To Know One
7. Catholic School
8. Mexican Wrestler
9. Coffee Shop
10. Another Reason For The Blues
11. Still It Shines
12. Happy Little Town

Verpackung: Jewelcase
Format: CD
Genre: Pop
Label: Borealis
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