Downchild - Something I've Done

Downchild - Something I've Done

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18 Alben in 50 Jahren - und es ist keine Mär, dass sich der Film The Blues Brothers auch in der... mehr
Produktinformationen "Downchild - Something I've Done"
18 Alben in 50 Jahren - und es ist keine Mär, dass sich der Film The Blues Brothers auch in der Bandhistorie Downchilds bediente.

The creation of songwriter and guitar/harmonica virtuoso Donnie (Mr. Downchild) Walsh, Downchild has an illustrious and colourful history now spanning five decades. Something I’ve Done is another stellar entry in a discography with very few equals in terms of both quantity (it is their 18th album) and quality. The history of Downchild would certainly make a fascinating movie, and in fact aspects of the band’s story were used in the hit movie The Blues Brothers. The Toronto-based group’s universally-recognized status as Canada’s bestloved blues band is reaffirmed by the accolades they receive including:Juno Awards, Entertainer of The Year at the Maple Blues Awards, as well as North American festival favourites in both North American and European Blues Festivals.

1. Albany, Albany
2. Worried About The World
3. Can’t Get Mad At You
4. Mississippi Woman, Mississauga Man
5. Take A Piece Of My Heart
6. Mailbox Money
7. She Thinks I Do
8. Something I’ve Done
9. Into The Fire
10. Evelyn

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Format: CD
Genre: Rock
Label: Linus Entertainment
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