DYVA - Harsh Wind (The Second Album)

DYVA - Harsh Wind (The Second Album)

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  • 6278525
  • CD
  • Disco/Dance
Das italienische Diso-Duo war von den 80ern bis in die frühen 2000er aktiv und hat sich nun... mehr
Produktinformationen "DYVA - Harsh Wind (The Second Album)"
Das italienische Diso-Duo war von den 80ern bis in die frühen 2000er aktiv und hat sich nun wiedergefunden, hier kommt neues Material und rares und unveröffentlichtes aus den 80ern,

DYVA is an Italian duet consisiting of Roberto Calzolari and Massimo Traversoni. Till 2003 the project belonged to the underground and obscure italo disco acts, which recorded only a few tracks back in the 80s and disappeared. But the members of DYVA remained active on music scene as producers and composers, having numerous hits created for other artists in last 2 decades. In 2003 Dyva meets Kimmo Salo, who convinces the band to reactivate and release the old tunes on vinyls. This is how a new chapter in DYVA story starts. From now on the band would re-record a lot of previously unreleased tracks in 80s italo disco style. The band thank Kimmo Salo's label - Flashback Records - becomes one of the most recognizable act of italo disco nowdays, releasing a couple of new twelve inches every year. This album is a collection of their recently recorded material, plus 2 previously unreleased on the first album original versions of their two tunes recorded back in the 80s. There are also 3 previously unreleased versions of their tunes included. The booklet contains detailed history of music career of DYVA and other projects by Roberto & Massimo and personal memories of the band + previously unpublished photos. This album is for sure among the most important items to collect in 2016 for every italo disco fan.

Technische Daten:
Set-Inhalt: 1
Genre: Disco/Dance
Barcode: 5908262785251
Artikelnummer: 6278525
Erscheinungsdatum: 25.11.2016

1. UNBELIEVABLE (Extended Version) 8:06
2. JOY (Extended Version) 6:00
3. MY ONLY LOVE (New Mix) 5:28
4. I KNOW (Extended Version) 6:18
5. ALL THE NIGHT (BlackZone Remix) 6:58
6. ALONE AGAIN (Extended Version) 7:58
7. MY LOVE (Don't Let Me Down) (P.R. Mix) 6:12
8. CANNERY THE CANARY (Extended Dance Version) 7:40
9. LEFTOVER LOVE (New Mix) 5:22
10. HARSH WIND (Album Version) 7:52
Limitierung: Nein
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Format: CD
Genre: Disco/Dance
Label: Analog Language
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