Bunnett, Jane and Maqueque - Oddara

Bunnett, Jane and Maqueque - Oddara

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Jane Bunnett's continuing quest to seek out and present musical talent untapped and unheard... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bunnett, Jane and Maqueque - Oddara"
Jane Bunnett's continuing quest to seek out and present musical talent untapped and unheard beyond the confines of the island nohas led her down many roads, and it was during a trip 30 years ago to Havana, Cuba she discovered then-unknown musicians and formed the all-star ensemble Maqueque (pronounced Mah-Keh-Keh, meaning the energy of a young girl's spirit.) Their 2014 self-titled debut CD was awarded a much-deserved Juno Award for Best Group Jazz Album of the Year.

Jane Bunnett's assembly of all-star Cuban musicians, the sextet which includes herself and five extraordinary young females, ensured a spotlight for their fluid, seamless music. Everything I've done, Jane says with pride, has led up to this group, which is the perfect vehicle for now. Maqueque currently includes Yissy Garcia on drums, Dánae Olano on piano, Magdelys Savigne on batá drums and congas, Elizabeth Rodriguez on violin and vocals and Celia Jiménez on bass. Maqueque often features guest stars Melvis Santa on percussion and vocals, as well as Dayme Arocena assisting vocals.

1. Little Feet
2. Dream
3. El Chivo
4. 25 New Moves
5. Song For You
6. Power of Two (Ibeyi)
7. La Flamenca Maria
8. Eulogy
9. Tres Golpes
10. Changui Guaso
11. Cafe Pilon

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Verpackung: Jewelcase
Format: CD
Genre: Weltmusik
Label: Linus Entertainment
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