Robi - La Cavale

Robi - La Cavale

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Robi schafft auf La Cavale den Spagat zwischen britischem 80er-Post-Punk und... mehr
Produktinformationen "Robi - La Cavale"
Robi schafft auf La Cavale den Spagat zwischen britischem 80er-Post-Punk und französisch-sprachigem Chanson / Rock (Alain Bashung, Noir Dési)

Robi entirely wrote and composed her second album named La Cavale (The Escape). This luminescent but full of dark contrasts new record, stands out as a logical and daring continuation to her debut album L'hiver et la Joie (the Winter and the Joy), the first LP that revealed Robi's talent for modern pop hits like On ne meurt plus d'Amour (One does not die of love), Où suis-je (Where Am I), Je te tue (I kill you), an outstanding duet with Dominique A Ma Route (My Road) or a notable remake of a song by Trisomie 21.

In La Cavale, she builds bridges between post-punk (Joy Division) and the most tortuous French language (Alain Bashung, Noir Désir). Robi's music attracts and pushes off like magnetic poles to one another. Her music - always on a tightrope - embodies most assumed ambivalences. And in a waving mix of analogical and synthetical sounds, she seems to find her own balance hanged on beautiful lyrics, both dark and bright like the dance of Sabbath. Robi does not play : she lives, passionately, with her whole soul, without holding anything back. We have rarely heard such will to go to the point and lose what is unnecessary. Beware : La Cavale shall not be half- listened.

01. L'éternité 02. Etre Là 03. Devenir fou 04. Nuit de fête 05. Danser 06. Le vent 07. A cet endroit 08. Le choas 09. A toi
10. Par ta bouche
11. La cavale

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Verpackung: Jewelcase
Format: CD
Genre: Pop
Label: Label At(h)ome
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