Roses Kings Castles - British Plastic

Roses Kings Castles - British Plastic

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Musician, producer and DJ Adam Ficek is most commonly known to the general public for his... mehr
Produktinformationen "Roses Kings Castles - British Plastic"
Musician, producer and DJ Adam Ficek is most commonly known to the general public for his drumming and songwriting in notorious British rock act Babyshambles. As a member of the band fronted by Pete Doherty, the most talked- and written-about rock star of our time, Adam has seen the best and worst of life at the casualty-laden core of the music industry, but what many people don’t know is he is also a talented multi-instrumentalist who writes and performs beautifully crafted songs under the nom-de-plume of RKC, formerly Roses Kings Castles Originally conceived as a creative outlet whilst Babyshambles were on holiday, RKC has become something more than a means of occupying himself during down time.The early Roses Kings Castles sound lay somewhere between Belle & Sebastian’s pastoral warmth and the hallucinatory six-string invocations of Syd Barrett, and managed to blissfully combine astute acoustic pop melodies with the finest elements of classic British songwriting.

neat, lovelorn lo-fi pop’ NME

1 These are the days 2 I can't say 3 Here comes the summer 4 Kittens become cats 5 People and places 6 Tapping 7 Seeds of Moscow 8 Mother's pride 9 If the rain comes 10 Cockroach 11 I let go

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Verpackung: Jewelcase
Format: CD
Genre: Alternative
Label: Fullfill Records
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