Poolside - Heat

Poolside - Heat

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  • Pop
Zu ihren Fans gehören James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), Derrick May und Todd Terje. Supercooler... mehr
Produktinformationen "Poolside - Heat"
Zu ihren Fans gehören James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), Derrick May und Todd Terje. Supercooler Daytime Disco. Zwischen ELO, Steely Dan, Hawaii, Kool & The Gang und so.

Poolside began as a recording project in a converted Los Angeles backyard pool house in early 2011, producing sunny tracks of subaquatic indie dance music in this makeshift recording studio. Surfacing first in the form of a YouTube video for the catchy track Do You Believe? Poolside were soon gaining local and national attention, with DJs like James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, techno legend Derrick May, and disco don Todd Terje spinning these tracks at events and a growing online following. Throughout 2011 Poolside continued making waves with a sound called daytime disco through tracks like their cover of Neil Young's Harvest Moon and original tunes. In 2012 Poolside worked on a remix for longtime disco punks The Rapture and held fans over with a new single and video for a song called Slow Down as they prepared to release their debut album. That album, Pacific Standard Time, was self-released in July of 2012.

After the album's release, remixes for artists like Matthew Dear, Little Dragon and Fool's Gold soon followed, as well as rehearsing and touring with a live band and doing DJ sets around the world. As thoughts turned to a second album, Poolside went on ice for a year to regroup, beginning to work in earnest on another album in the Fall of 2016. While still revolving around the sunny, laid-back disco sound of PST, these sessions yielded the additions of up-tempo dance songs and more guitars, and generally more fleshed-out arrangements. Poolside surprise released their second album Heat in 2017.

Technische Daten:
Set-Inhalt: 1
Genre: Pop
Barcode: 0843563103401
Artikelnummer: 6310340
Erscheinungsdatum: 28.09.2018

1. Hot in the Shade
2. Which Way to Paradise
3. Feel Alright
4. Tropical Heartache
5. And the Sea
6. We Can Work It Out
7. Strange Overtones
8. Summer Friends
9. Scenic Drive
10. Drifting
11. Heat
12. Everything Goes
13. Lost At Last
Verpackung: Digipack, DigiPak
Format: CD
Genre: Pop
Label: Poolside Records
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