M.A.L. - My Sixteen Little Planets (LP)

M.A.L. - My Sixteen Little Planets (LP)

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  • Vinyl LP
  • Rock
Laut Label waren diese Aufnahmen Vorlage für Inventions for Electric Guitar, das 1974er Solodebut... mehr
Produktinformationen "M.A.L. - My Sixteen Little Planets (LP)"
Laut Label waren diese Aufnahmen Vorlage für Inventions for Electric Guitar, das 1974er Solodebut von Ash Ra Temples Manuel Göttsching.

40 years later the mythic album is at least available! Lies of omission and appropriations. The story of a magnetic tape that contained a trade secret.

Four decades after its release (on Orh, 1975), Inventions for Electric Guitar, the solo debut by Ash Ra Temple guitarist Manuel Göttsching, is now a classic, an undisputed worldwide reference. This album was made using only an electric guitar and a simple 4-track tape recorder. So was the challenge, and so was its impact. Göttsching recorded it in July-August 1974 in Berlin, after a sudden technical revelation. The original LP sleeve had the following printed on its back: Manuel Göttsching (guitars only). Manuel played his guitar and used a 4 track TEAC A3340, Revox A77 for echoes, WahWah pedal, volume pedal, Sola Sound Fuzz, Schaller Rotosound and Hawaiian steel bar. The reaction was unanimous: this was a significant innovation,  in terms of both technique and creativity. However, there are little-known facts to this case. In early 1974, Göttsching's label received a tape sent by M.A.L. - same design, same configuration, almost the same tracks.

side 1 01 Deimos
8.54 02 Betelgeuse
2.56 03 Mira
3.02 04 Elara
7.14 side 2 05 Thor
9.40 06 Thethys
6.35 07 Phobos
2.09 08 Erinome

Limitierung: Nein
Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Rock
Label: Sub Rosa
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