Moodoid - Reptile EP

Moodoid - Reptile EP

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  • Vinyl 12
  • Rock
Moodoïd sind eine Psychedelic-Rockband , 2013 gegründet von Pablo Padovani. Moodoïd is a... mehr
Produktinformationen "Moodoid - Reptile EP"
Moodoïd sind eine Psychedelic-Rockband , 2013 gegründet von Pablo Padovani.

Moodoïd is a psychedelic rock band founded in 2013 by Pablo Padovani, the project’s leader and mastermind. Early nicknamed the new prodigy of French pop music, Pablo wrote and conceived a first very peculiar, pop and psychedelic album. They notably toured with Phoenix and played with renowned musician and producer Damon Albarn.

Soaked in psychedelic pop and world music, the songs written by Pablo Padovani evoke just as much Os Mutantes tropicalism, Connan Mockasin dreamy atmospheres and Gong progressive liberties. Supported by French lyrics, Moodoïd blasts genres, times and horizons. Reptile EP is a natural evolution of the project towards a more modern sound, without losing its so peculiar synthetic and funky touch. The very composition of the tracks clearly indicated the need for studio musicians, in order to develop every disco/funk aspect of the record. The recording of the album happened in two times : first, Pablo set up the band and directed their recording (with experimented sound engineer Yann Arnaud), and then this live matter was reworked and integrated to Pierre Rousseau more electronic production. The track Reptile is a new proof of Moodoïd’s sloughing. Only passion and lust have resisted the project’s solitary soul Pablo Padovani’s metamorphosis. Moodoïd changes skin, but skins keep on caressing. More erotic than toxic, Moodoïd’s new venom progresses through funky guitar and synthetic arpeggios, with Pierre Rousseau and Pablo’s producing, and David Wrench (The XX, Hot Chip, LA Priest) mixing.

A1. Reptile / A2. Planète Tokyo / A3. Miss Smith / A4. Au Pays des Merveilles de Juliet B. Reptile (Extended)

Limitierung: Nein
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Rock
Format: Vinyl 12
Label: Because Music
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