Lido - Everything (2LP)

Lido - Everything (2LP)

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  • 2543069
  • Vinyl LP
  • Techno/House/Electronica
(2xLP, colored schwarz & blaue Spritzer) Der norwegische Rapper, Musiker und Produzent hat schon... mehr
Produktinformationen "Lido - Everything (2LP)"
(2xLP, colored schwarz & blaue Spritzer) Der norwegische Rapper, Musiker und Produzent hat schon mit Banks, Little Steven, Chance The Rapper oder Disclosure gearbeitet.

For someone who went from growing up in a secluded Norwegian forest to producing for some of the biggest hip-hop and pop megastars on the planet, Peder Losnegard has had quite the journey. It was through a series of remixes that Lido catapulted into the sets of the most high-profile DJs around the globe, capturing the ears of numerous notable tastemakers. Reworking acts like Disclosure and Bill Withers, the producer set the Internet ablaze with talk of his four-note piano tag and speculation as to who was underneath the moniker. While his playful, restless musicality saw him adopt an array of aliases — but he’ll keep those under wraps for now. Debuting on Pelican Fly with 2014’s I Love You’ EP, followed by the Superspeed’ EP, and remixes of Banks, Alt-J and MØ, Lido’s anti-formulaic style emerged. His tracks bounce from one idea to another voraciously, but always with that clear Lido stamp. You don’t just get a drum and a bassline on a track of his, you’re more likely to get an entire string or brass section that elevates his sound to cinematic heights.

A1. Catharsis / A2. Murder / A3. Dye B1. So Cold / B2. Crazy / B3. Falling Down / B4. Citi Bike C1. Only One / C2. You Lost Your Keys D1. Angel / D2. Tell Me How To Feel

Limitierung: Nein
Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Label: Because Music
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