Seahawks - Starways (EP)

Seahawks - Starways (EP)

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  • 6003000
  • Vinyl 12
  • Trip Hop/Downbeat/Drum&Bass
Unfassbar. Beknackt. Aber irgendwie Hit. Superweichgespülter Balearic Ambient mit einem EINHORN... mehr
Produktinformationen "Seahawks - Starways (EP)"
Unfassbar. Beknackt. Aber irgendwie Hit. Superweichgespülter Balearic Ambient mit einem EINHORN natürlich in AIRBRUSH auf dem Cover. Am Mikrofon der Sänger von Friendly Fires, der klingt wie Sade als Alleinunterhalter in der Hotelbar eines Urlaubshotels.

Seahawks chart a course for the outer realms of consciousness where sea meets sky and sky meets space. Two tracks new to vinyl from their esteemed Escape Hatch’ album and three inspired remixes, 37 minutes of overlapping dream states and mantric resonance. Setting sail with the wondrous Valparaiso’, the siren like voice of Ed Macfarlane (Friendly Fires) calls the dancers to the beach, it’s silken glide so smooth some have asked if it’s Sade! Nick Mackrory creates an alternative cosmos that is even more blissed, like a lost Lucio Battisti gem sparkling in the sun. (Nick was responsible for the lush Elle Dit’ released on the Music For Dreams label not so long ago). Picking up the pace disco viking Marius Circus enters the arena to create a woozy acid fever dream that throbs and pulses in a most heavenly way. Perfect for full moon beach jams and horizontal home hangs alike. On the flip Starways’ is without a doubt one of Seahawks finest creations, over 12 minutes of tropical kosmische odyssey that resolves into a glistening pool of crystal electronics, aquatic horns and celestial strings. A tonic for the mind and the body. At the close of day Len Leise blesses us with a hazed subtropical jam where vapour tones float on an ancient ocean of bliss as organic beats massage the stress away. An antidote to all that is dark and dismal in these fractured times. Artwork is a specially commissioned airbrush work by Mervyn Beaver.

A1. Valparaiso A2. Valparaiso Part Two (Nick Mackrory Remix) A3. Visitors (Marius Circus’ Garden Acid Dub) AA1. Starways AA2. Starways (Len Leise Remix)

Limitierung: Nein
Verpackung: Vinyl
Format: Vinyl 12
Genre: Trip Hop/Downbeat/Drum&Bass
Label: Ocean Moon
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