Cappellato, Tommaso - Aforemention (2LP)

Cappellato, Tommaso - Aforemention (2LP)

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  • Vinyl LP
  • Weltmusik
Der italienische Drummer, Produzent, DJ und Komponist arbeitet zwischen Free-FormTechno, Hip Hop... mehr
Produktinformationen "Cappellato, Tommaso - Aforemention (2LP)"
Der italienische Drummer, Produzent, DJ und Komponist arbeitet zwischen Free-FormTechno, Hip Hop und Jazz-Improvisation. Zu seinen Mentoren zählen Harry Whitaker (Black Renaissance), Michael Carvin (Pharoah Sanders) und Deep-Techno Visionär Donato Dozzy.

One man, live on stage, concocting wild sonic mash-ups of the jazz and techno traditions - Mark de Clive-Lowe

Connecting deeply with his vision of time, texture, rhythm, space, and soul! - Carlos Nino

Italian musician, producer, DJ and composer Tommaso Cappellato is a musical maverick - running the gamut from free-form techno to hip-hop production and jazz improvisation. Mentored by jazz visionaries Harry Whitaker (Black Renaissance), Michael Carvin (Pharoah Sanders) and collaborator with techno master Donato Dozzy, Tommaso's seemingly unorthodox breadth of style and vision gives us a truly unique new school artist.

From building his jazz chops as a resident drummer in NYC, to hip hop excursions alongside Brooklyn MC Yah Supreme, traveling to Senegal to meld with local world music masters, to leading his own award-winning spiritual jazz project Astral Travels, collaborating with experimental electronica and techno artist Rabih Beaini and visionary Egyptian producer Maurice Louca to now presenting his solo artist project 'Aforemention' - Tommaso is the modern renaissance man, bringing together his lifetime of artistic exploration and exposure to create his own concept of a jazz-informed experimental electronic soundscape.

Tommaso started his music journey on piano and at age 11, transitioned to drums. He studied under many of the jazz greats in NYC and soon became a regular fixture on the scene there, subsequently touring the US, Japan, China, Australia and Europe with multiple projects. His fascination for sounds outside the jazz realm led him to this new project - asking himself what would happen if he created alone, embracing everything from inspirations to moments of randomness and finding his own musical identity in that process. Using drums, analog synths and his own voice, Tommaso has created a body of work that evokes inner spaces, outer realms and new ideas.

'Aforemention' takes in all of Tommaso's past experiences and sees him creating a one-man journey through sound. He is joined on the album by three guests - legendary drummer Victor Lewis provides spoken word on 'Team Ball' to introduce the album, Inglewood, CA native and Solange-collaborator Nia Andrews vocals the ode to freedom 'Fly' and Detroit/NYC vocalist Dulcinea Detwah brings freeform hip hop verse to 'Get Set Free'. Everything else you hear is performed solo by Tommaso Cappellato, mixed by Donato Dozzy and mastered by Neel.

A Side
1. Team Ball
2. R'n'Free B Side
3. Pastlife Flashbacks
4. Fly
5. Get Set Free C Side
6. Gentle Glide
7. Solitary Orbiter D Side
8. Melting Spheres
9. Two Ends Of The Spectrum

Limitierung: Nein
Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Weltmusik
Label: Mental Groove Records
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