Sinner DC - MEG / CDG

Sinner DC - MEG / CDG

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  • Techno/House/Electronica
Das Genfer Elektronika-Duo browst durch das musikalische Archiv des Ethnologischen Museums in... mehr
Produktinformationen "Sinner DC - MEG / CDG"
Das Genfer Elektronika-Duo browst durch das musikalische Archiv des Ethnologischen Museums in Genf. Klänge aus Niger und den USA, von der 30ern bis 50ern gehen durch Sinners Maschinenpark.

The Museum's Ethnomusicology Department combines two complementary series: a collection of about 2250 musical instruments and sound recordings funds, Archives Internationales des Musiques Populaires (AIMP), rich of more than 15,500 phonograms. These collections are representative of musical traditions from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania Over the past 20 years, genevan duo SINNER DC has built a solid yet discreet reputation on the international electronic music scene. Their ethereal intergalactic yet catchy melodies, full on emotions and melancholy, became throughout the years the band's trademark. Co-published by the prestigious Museum of Ethnography of Geneva and swiss renowned Mental Groove Records, this first album entitled MEG/CDG inaugurates a new series of CDs devoted to contemporary compositions sourced from the monumental audio archives of the Museum (read below*).

MEG / CDG's backbone contains music from Romania, Niger and southern United States, from the mid 30's to the early 50's that the genevan duo Sinner selected while browsing the museum database . MEG / CDG is a kaleidoscopic album and a scenic trip - the title of the album and the songs are of IATA airport codes and explores the limits of the panoramic vision of the duo through hypnotic landscapes and imaginary places. Sinner DC will next deliver a new album entitled Maps co writtent with Pete Kember, legendary founder of the influential late 80's psychedelic band Spacemen 3 and most recently producer for Panda Bear and Mgmt. The Museum of Ethnography of Geneva and Mental Groove have already planned the follow up with french Julien Perez (Dirty/Barclay) and canadian Jeremy Young (Sontag Shogun) Support: Pedro Winter, Nicolas Jaar, James Holden, Sonic Boom.

1. MES 09:46
2. LOS 06:35
3. MEM 09:46
4. ASP 13:29
5. WAW 04:17

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Verpackung: DigiPak
Format: CD
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Label: Mental Groove Records
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