Various - Philly Blunt - The Album

Various - Philly Blunt - The Album

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  • CD
  • Trip Hop/Downbeat/Drum&Bass
Zeitreise in den Jungle von1995! Mit Dillinja, Serum, Firefox, Critycal Dub u.a. Booyaka!... mehr
Produktinformationen "Various - Philly Blunt - The Album"
Zeitreise in den Jungle von1995! Mit Dillinja, Serum, Firefox, Critycal Dub u.a. Booyaka!

Debut album from the legendary Jungle / Drum & Bass label Philly Blunt. Philly Blunt Records, the seminal jungle drum & bass sister imprint of V Recordings, gets set to drop its very first album since its inception back in 1995. With a relatively honed but utterly distinct discography the Philly Blunt brand has been responsible for an array of classic music, from Leviticus 'Burial' which kicked it all off at the start through to early Dillinja and tracks such as the 'Warning' by the mysterious Firefox, and 'Buck Rogers', Philly Blunt has always been ready for the party. Now 20 years later 'The Album' has arrived bringing untold classics right up to date with an onslaught of deadly remixes from Serum and Bladerunner plus a slew of new tracks by themselves, Firefox, Voltage and more! The results make for an essential album, refreshing, nostalgic and utterly dance floor ready. Sometimes we have to go back to move forward.

1. Dillinja - Gangsta (Serum Remix) 02. Heist - 90% Rusk VIP 03. Firefox - True Grit 04. Firefox & Glamour Gold - Bass Switch (Serum Remix) 05. Serum - Red Eyes feat. Inja 06. Firefox - Poison Darts 07. Firefox & 4 Tree - Warning (Serum Remix) 08. Serum - Easy Does It 09. Serum & Voltage - Save This World
10. Glamour Gold - You Can Run (Serum Remix)
11. Critycal Dub feat. Yush - Roadblock
12. Firefox - Buck Rogers Bladerunner Remix)
13. Firefox - So Solid
14. Serum feat Trigga - Phenomenon
15. Firefox - Let's Go
16. Serum & Voltage - Barbarian
17. L Side & Serum - World Of Jungle Music feat. David Boomah
18. Dillinja - I Selassie I (Bladerunner Remix)
19. Firefox - Keep It Raw VIP
20. Dillinja - Muthafucka (Explicit Remix)

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Format: CD
Genre: Trip Hop/Downbeat/Drum&Bass
Label: Blu Noise Records
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