Dosem - Parallel

Dosem - Parallel

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  • 7011602
  • CD
  • Techno/House/Electronica
Das fette Debut Album des katalanischen Produzenten Überfliegers Dosem. Nach Hits wie Silent... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dosem - Parallel"
Das fette Debut Album des katalanischen Produzenten Überfliegers Dosem. Nach Hits wie Silent Drop’ und dem sexy Beach Kisses’ entfaltet er hier seine futuristische Vision auf einem 2xCD und Vinyl-Doppelalbum auf dem Technasia-Label SINO.

Parallel is the bold debut album from rising star Dosem. The Catalan producer behind such hits as Silent Drop’ and the sexy smash Beach Kisses’ unveils his futuristic vision on a double album comprised of Dosem’ and Sendo’, that take listeners from Girona’s sultry shores to the throbbing heart of the world’s best dancefloors. Officially four years in the making, Parallel is the product of a fascination with sound that stretches back to Dosem’s childhood, when he tried to capture in music the images of his favourite sci-fi films. Though his methods have matured there is a boyish sense of wonder that echoes through the album. A sense of joy and discovery underpins the glistening melodies of Parallel, taking listeners on a trip through wondrous realms of time, space and emotion. Part one, Dosem’, draws on past and present to project the listener into the future: a future where delicate yet propulsive techno tunes.

Dosem - Parallel (CD1) 01 Look What You Did (Intro) 02 Silent Drop (Album Mix) 03 Dabasics 04 Diagonal 05 Analog (Interlude) 06 True Elements (Feat. Louder Bays07 Esnite 08 Tannhauser Gate 09 Same Process 10 Origins (Interlude) 11 146 12 Beyond You 13 Beach Kisses (Album Mix) 14 Secret Place (Interlude) 15 Not Afraid To Jump 16 Costa Brava 17 Eclipse (Interlude) 18 Parallel Fate 19 Too Much Cyberpunk 20 Broken Cities (Interlude) 21 Together 22 All That Wasted Love (Outro) Sendo - Parallel (CD2) 01 146 02 From Girona 03 Six Hours 04 After The Drop 05 Distant Playgrounds 06 Children Of Yesterday 07 Your Skin 08 Changes 09 I Will Let 10 Questions 11 Maulenia 112 Vertex 13 My Secret 14 Early Reflections

Limitierung: Nein
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Format: CD
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Label: Sino
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