My Favorite Robot - Atomic Age

My Favorite Robot - Atomic Age

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  • CD
  • Techno/House/Electronica
Das kanadische Trio My Favorite Robot, bestehend aus Jared Simms, James Teej und Voytek Korab,... mehr
Produktinformationen "My Favorite Robot - Atomic Age"
Das kanadische Trio My Favorite Robot, bestehend aus Jared Simms, James Teej und Voytek Korab, kündigt nun weitere Details zu seinem zweiten Longplayer an. Vier Jahre nach We Come In Pieces, dass sie auf ihrem gleichnamigen Label erschien, kommt nun Atomic Age am 20. September auf Kenny Glasgows Label No.19 Music (ART DEPARTMENT), wo auch schon im Mai die Vorab-Single Looking For Frost (inkl. Juan Maclean- und Louie Fresco-Remix) (FAZE.DE)

My Favorite Robot join forces with No.19 Music for the release of their stunning new artist album, 'Atomic Age' venturing deep into the realms of ethereal, vocal electronica and beyond as only they know how... The Toronto based trio, My Favorite Robot has risen through the musical ranks since their 2009 debut, to become one of the most highly respected production outfits around. The pairing of James Teej, Jared Simms and Voytek Korab seems to be a match made in heaven with the MFR team running a highly successful label, touring the world with label showcases at the likes of BPM, WMC & Sonar and creating stunning original music and remixes for labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Visionquest, their own My Favorite Robot Records and of course No.19 Music. The Robot's connection to No.19 Music stretches back to the formative days for both, when a shared office in Toronto provided the base for Jonny White and the No.19 crew as well as My Favorite Robot. Now, with both camps dominating the world stage it makes for the most natural of partnerships for the new My Favorite Robot album to find a home with the good folks at No.19.

1. The Circus
2. Here Tonight
3. Looking For Frost
4. Ride
5. Space Capsule
6. Missing Time feat. Chloe
7. Home feat. Clayton Steele
8. The Walk
9. Centreofattentionaut
10. Atomic Age
11. Sharpest Tongue
12. The War To End All Wars

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Verpackung: Jewelcase
Format: CD
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Label: No.19 Music
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