Fire Slag - Fire Slag (LP)

Fire Slag - Fire Slag (LP)

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  • 7047126
  • Vinyl LP
  • Techno/House/Electronica
Fire Slag ist eine Llive-Techno-Band, bestehend aus gleichberechtigten Musikern und DJs. Die... mehr
Produktinformationen "Fire Slag - Fire Slag (LP)"
Fire Slag ist eine Llive-Techno-Band, bestehend aus gleichberechtigten Musikern und DJs. Die Konzerte beginnen im tiefsten Dub und enden in einer furiosen Techno-Ballade.

Fire Slag is a live Techno band consisting of equal parts musicians and DJ's. The four experienced men draw on their experience from record shops dance floors and film-/ theater-music and have the common passion for Techno in their neural pathways. With the passion for electronic music and classic synthesizers, they created a sound black as oil and white as freshly fallen snow. The band varies their performance with a large portion jam elements and makes their live shows tension-filled in both club and concert performances. A concert by Fire Slag starts in the deepest dub and ends in a furious techno ballad.

The Four:

Henrik Munch is the technical wizard who masters electronics as few.

Hans Hansen is a musical globetrotter with international performance and composing work from Tokyo to Berlin.

René Kirkegaard has a solid background as a DJ since 1990, René aka DJ Cemetary is also a skilled producer.

Jakob Domino A workstation in musical expression. From his daytime PR-job @ Train concert venue to underground DJ'ing.


1. Anybody Home?
2. Dynacord
3. We Will Break This Building Down
4. Out Of The Window
5. Spaceshuttle Disconnected
6. Arp Been Alone (Nun-version)
7. Dub10
8. Wallbass
9. Wall Jam

Limitierung: Nein
Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Jewelcase
Genre: Techno/House/Electronica
Label: Fire Slag
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