Night Runner - Thunderbird

Night Runner - Thunderbird

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Night Runner ist ein mexikanisches Retrowave / Synthwave-Projekt, beeinflusst von 80er... mehr
Produktinformationen "Night Runner - Thunderbird"
Night Runner ist ein mexikanisches Retrowave / Synthwave-Projekt, beeinflusst von 80er Elektronik, Synthiepop und Rock.

Night Runner is a Mexican retrowave/synthwave project consisting of Alex Diosdado and Tabique Malévolo. They started in 2014 with their debut album Starfighter. Their music is influenced by ’80s electronic synths and rock which can be easily heard on the newest Thunderbird album. Released digitally in 2017 the material already gained a huge fan base and review support to immediately stand out from the crowd. Now finally available on CD format, which is for sure a good news for all those who prefer to collect CDs instead of vinyls. To make the CD edition more attractive and help it differ a little from vinyl and digital release, it contains special BONUS tracks, including specially produced extended edit of Magnum Bullets or independent tune Those Creepy Kids. A must have for every synthwave/retrowave fan.

1. Pale Rider 0:58
2.Red Dawn 4:11
3. Desert Eagle 4:09
4. Magnum Bullets Feat. Dan Avidan 4:02
5. City Lights 5:30
6. Thunderbird 4:20
7. Cold Waves 4:40
8. Like A Father 5:13
9. Contacto Mortal 3:02
10. Rawhide 1:00
11. Steel Raven 5:21
12. Magnum Bullets (Instrumental) 5:36 Bonus Tracks:
13. Those Creepy Kids (Original Mix) 4:56
14. Magnum Bullets Feat. Dan Avidan (Extended Mix) 5:57
15. Those Creepy Kids (Extended Mix) 7:12

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Verpackung: DigiPak
Format: CD
Genre: Disco/Dance
Label: Analog Language
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