Bang Gang - Something Wrong

Bang Gang - Something Wrong

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Bardi, Bang Gang's singer: his sinking eyes and his floating silhouette. A bird-like UFO,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bang Gang - Something Wrong"
Bardi, Bang Gang's singer: his sinking eyes and his floating silhouette. A bird-like UFO, directly issued from good old pop music and death metal to get to this - the purely orgasmic sky of this soaring record, between the Beach Boys and film soundtracks: sublime beings gathering in view of the orgy of the century but too conflicted in their hearts. There is also the Go-Betweens removing their dark glasses to see the sun as it swallows the clouds like liquid joy. It's pure light, this second record, light at the end of the sound.

You have to hear Bardi imploring Where We Reach The Sky, you have to hear him repeating It Gets Me Higher on a few piano notes and an acoustic guitar. You have to take the time to understand it's not electronic music. It's almost all instruments, a flute, a filled trumpet, a keyboard for us to finger the unreal light, the growing desire to come down and console the others. Only then does a weightless beat start its course, a few stifled scratches and Bardi's voice again, obsessive: in beauty sometimes it's sadness that stupefies us, the unbearable sadness of these twelve slow tracks, of these slow-motion descents. I Can Feel What Is Wrong. That's what she sings to him, that's what she tells him in the piece that gives its title to the album. 1% of the Iceland population bought his first record to hear this voice in which both respond to each other, precisely. But he kept moving forward from interviews to radio extravaganzas. He doesn't want to become a star. Just pursue his sound diving, his apnea in the outdoors. Still wearing his sunglasses.

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Verpackung: Jewelcase
Format: CD
Genre: Pop
Label: Bang
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