Chauveau, Sylvain - Chauveau (LP)

Chauveau, Sylvain - Chauveau (LP)

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  • Vinyl LP
  • Klassik
(LP) Der Komponist veröffentlichte für Labels wie FatCat oder Type und für Filmsoundtracks... mehr
Produktinformationen "Chauveau, Sylvain - Chauveau (LP)"
(LP) Der Komponist veröffentlichte für Labels wie FatCat oder Type und für Filmsoundtracks minimalistische Werke für akustische Instrumente - hier für das Piano. Für Max Richter oder Hauschka Fans

Piano always had a central role in my discography and this selection of short pieces showcases what might be my musical signature: quietness, slow pace, long resonances, a close as possible to silence. Music to be played at night.

Pianisme is a collection of unreleased and out-of-print piano works composed and recorded since 2004. Most of them are part of soundtracks for feature films by french director Sébastien Betbeder (from 2007's Nuage and the very rare short film Nu devant un fantôme - whose music was completely unpublished until now). Also released for the first time: In the twilight of Paris (written the day after Luc Ferrari's death, as a quiet homage to a composer whose works have often been part of the Sub Rosa catalogue) and Soñando, straight repetition and variations on a minimal pattern, created for choreographer Christian Rizzo's 2010 show L'Oubli, toucher du bois.

side 1 1 P.  2 N  3 Symptôme n°2  4 Symptôme n°1  5 Troubles  6 Ferme les yeux (variation)  7 Nu devant un fantôme I  8 I ascended  side 2 9 Nu devant un fantôme III  0 Sinon le vent qui passe  ?? 1 Nu devant un fantôme II  2 L'Orée du bois  3 Nu devant un fantôme IV  4 Soñando  5 Nocturne urbain 2  6 In the twilight of Paris (for Luc Ferrari) 

Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Klassik
Label: Sub Rosa
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