Comelade, Pascal - Paralelo (2LP+CD)

Comelade, Pascal - Paralelo (2LP+CD)

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  • 2543159
  • Vinyl LP
  • Weltmusik
Paralelo zeigt die andere elektronische Seite von Pascal Comelade mit frühen Aufnahmen aus den... mehr
Produktinformationen "Comelade, Pascal - Paralelo (2LP+CD)"
Paralelo zeigt die andere elektronische Seite von Pascal Comelade mit frühen Aufnahmen aus den Jahren von 1974-1981. Er gehört zu den visionärsten Musikern zwischen Weltmusik, Soundtrack und Underground. Er arbeitete mit Richard Pinhas, P.J. Harvey, Robert Wyatt u.a.

This first reissue identically features all the elements of the original versio : the black and white sleeve with its painting made by Don Jacques Ciccolini, and all musical features popularized by Pascal Comelade (repetitive music, the concept of sequences, and continuous sound). Auto-produced on his own label Parasite, Comelade mainly uses one instrument for all parts of the album : an EMS/AKS synthesizer. Recorded on K7 and 2 tracks tape recorder Revox A77, Paralelo is the most representative album from Pascal Comelade’s electronic times (1974/1981). A part from Beyrouth 66, Musique Ridicule and Erratum Musical, the album features a vocal loop (from English composer Gavin Bryars).

This reissue comes as 2xLP: the original version gets extended with the second vinyl.

C-side : Séquences Païennes are extracted from 1978 recording sessions, partially released on a 7 in 1979 , then fully reissued in the 6xCD boxset Rocanrolorama in 2016.

D-side : 15 Minutes de Sonoto-Luddisme, originally entitled Musique par Correspondance was recorded between Montpellier and London (1978-1981) with David Cunningham (member of the Flying Lizards and producer for Michael Nyman and This Heat) , This musical track gets extended on more than 15 minutes that engrave the meeting between the two musicians.

A1. Mouvement Décomposé d’un Coup de Marteau / A2. Good-Bye Wyatt Hat (Beyrouth 66 Part.2) / A3. Via Laietana / A4. Paralelo / A5. Vertical / A6. Musique Ridicule B1. Politico / B2. Automne / B3. Musique Pour Les Ascenseurs / B4. Paralelo (10) / B5. Erratum Musical (1) / B6. Erratum Musical (2) / B7. Nicaragua / B8. Mediterraneo C1. Séquence 1 / C2. Séquence 2 / C3. Séquence 3 / C4. Séquence 4 / C5. Séquence 5 / C6. Séquence 6 / C7. Séquence 7 / C8. Séquence 9 / C9. Poble Sec / C
10. Irregular Organs / C
11. Para.Lel / C
12. A Noise In My Nose / C
13. Beyrouth 66 (Part. 1) D. 15 Minutes de Sonoto-Luddisme

Limitierung: Nein
Format: Vinyl LP
Verpackung: Vinyl
Genre: Weltmusik
Label: Because Music
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