Arkana, Keny - L’Esquisse 3 (2LP+CD)

Arkana, Keny - L’Esquisse 3 (2LP+CD)

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  • Vinyl LP+CD
  • Hip Hop
Moderner französischer Hip Hop zwischen Trap und Poesie. Rap was something that just happened... mehr
Produktinformationen "Arkana, Keny - L’Esquisse 3 (2LP+CD)"
Moderner französischer Hip Hop zwischen Trap und Poesie.

Rap was something that just happened to her. Keny Arkana was only twelve when she started writing her first lyrics.

Her first contacts with the record business came in 2005. But even before she infiltrated the matrix, Keny released her first opus, L’Esquisse, a fast and furious street album containing the hit Le Missile est lancé produced by Tefa & Masta as well as De l’Opéra à La Plaine, a gargantuan freestyle track by twenty writers born and bred on the streets of Marseilles. 12 years after L’Esquisse and 6 years after L’Esquisse 2, Keny releases L’Esquisse 3. A spontaneous, creative, sincere, energetic and meaningful record, with powerful rhythmic and precise arrangements. Even though the record has a mixtape appearance, it hasn’t been a botched job, as evidenced by its complex structure and harmony : musical interludes around the four elements, true rap anthems like Couleur Molotov or Lejos and contemporary hits like Abracadabra or Freestyle Beatbox with beatboxer Tressym for an instrumental. Both dark in its lyrics and lively in its energy, Keny’s mixtape L’Esquisse 3 reveals again an artist just as we could dream in 2017 : clear-sighted, offensive, touching and inspired. Dear she’s been missed! CD included in the LP feature the same tracks in the same order

A1. Elément Feu / A2. Abracadabra / A3. Couleur Molotov / A4. Lejos B1. Elément Terre / B2. Fourmilière / B3. Tout Est Faux / B4. Tu m’as Trahie / B5. Laissez-Moi C1. Elément Eau / C2. La Route Sera Longue / C3. Freestyle Beatbox / C4. De l’Opéra A La Plaine 3 D1. Madame La Marquise / D2. La Vérité Fait Mal / D3. Elément Air

Limitierung: Nein
Verpackung: Vinyl
Format: Vinyl LP+CD
Genre: Hip Hop
Label: Because Music
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