Jules, Jimi - Bogota EP

Jules, Jimi - Bogota EP

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  • 3831148
  • Vinyl 12
  • Stummfilm
Jimi Jules gehört zur Watergate-Crew, sowohl im Club als auch bei Showcases. Seine 12 ist ein... mehr
Produktinformationen "Jules, Jimi - Bogota EP"
Jimi Jules gehört zur Watergate-Crew, sowohl im Club als auch bei Showcases. Seine 12 ist ein trippiges Clubmonster vor allem Bogota überzeugt duch jazzige Versunkenheit.

It's no secret Jimi Jules is an integral part of the Watergate crew since he is a regular fixture at both the club and our international showcases. As well as being a core artist on our very own W-Agency we are extremely proud and excited to say we can now include him as part of the Watergate Records roster. When it comes to debuts, it doesn't get any better than Jimi's 'Bogotá' EP and over the course of three tracks, he showcases his best work to date. Kicking things off with massive, rolling low end and swirling tones is 'Hundeblick'. It's a trippy, big room burner bursting with tension. With long siren-like amplifications swelling relentlessly, 'Hundleblick' surges until it finally crescendos into an obscure yet hauntingly smooth voice.

Finally, rounding out the EP is Jimi's most passionate tune of the group, same name as the EP, 'Bogotá'. Layers of harmony, silky guitars and field recordings combine with hints of jazz influence resulting in a perfect tune for serenading the most intimate dance floor moments.

A.Hundeblick B1. Modulation B2. Bogotá

Limitierung: Nein
Verpackung: Vinyl
Format: Vinyl 12
Genre: Stummfilm
Label: Watergate Records
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